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Bunions are more common in women than men and can sometimes run in families. Wearing narrowed toed or high heeled shoes may lead to bunions. This condition may become painful as extra bone and fluid can grow at the base of the big toe.

Bunion Symptoms May Include:

  • • Red, calloused skin along the inside edge of the big toe
  • • A bony bump at this site
  • • Pain over the joint, aggravated by pressure from shoes
  • • Big toe turned toward the other toes


When a bunion first begins to develop, take good care of your feet and wear wide-toed shoes. This can often solve the problem and prevent the need for any further treatment. Foot care items that help to re-align the big toe may help relieve some pain. If the bunion gets surgery may be required to straighten the toe. If you think you may have a bunion, please contact your health care provider so that he can recommend the best possible treatment for you.