Compression hose or support hosiery are designed to improve circulation, prevent swelling, and relieve tired, achy legs. Shop for fashionable support hosiery in light, mild, moderate, or firm support levels at a fraction of the cost of other support hosiery brands.

How Can Therawear's Compression Hose Help

Graduated compression hose applies pressure to the ankle and that gradually decreases the amount of pressure as it comes up the leg. This graduated pressure in compression hose helps promote better blood flow to the legs and feet.

What Customers are Saying About Therawear

 "My doctor recommended I wear support hosiery. I went to the pharmacy and found that they wanted $80 for one pair of another brand's support hosiery. Ridiculous! I found Therawear online and called and talked to the most friendly customer service person who helped me figure out what level of support was best for me. The support was perfect and the pantyhose fit just right. I now order all of my support hosiery from Therawear. I even took the Therawear catalog to my doctor's office so other patients who need support hose can find more affordable hosiery." Joan R., Therawear Customer

"I absolutely love Therawear! I suffer from congenital venous insufficiency and Therawear became my solution to achse, pains and swelling! Thanks Therawear!!" Sandra G., Therawear Customer

"These are by far the best compression stockings I have ever used. They are well made and comforable with great support." Jen, Therawear Customer