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Running Socks and Athletic Compression Socks

Runnings Socks

Therawear is proud to offer SmartKnitACTIVE Running socks.These patented athletic socks provide seamless comfort and the protection your feet require. They were the Editor's Pick in Health Magazine and featured on the Today Show on NBC. "We haven't yet figured out how something as innocent-looking as a sock seam can cause limp-provoking pain, but we've found a solution. SmartKnit's humble seamfree socks are so smooth and comfy that they carried one of our testers through scores of long runs and evan a half-marathon without a hint of toe torture. They're made with CoolMax to wick away sweat and keep your dogs dry." -Samantha Heller, Health Magazine

Compression Socks & Sleeves

Compression Socks and Sleeves are the hottest trend in running and athletic wear. Gradient compression helps to improve circulation, keep legs energized through your entire workout, ease muscle strains, and improve recovery.